Creating a Brilliant Doctoral Dissertation with Ease: Useful Directions

Think About Everything You’ve Learned — How Did You Learn it? From Others

We learn from others every day of our lives – our parents, our teachers, even newscasters and television hosts. We learn everything from someone else. And, the best way how to learn to get profit from someone else’s experience and knowledge - and gather around you a cadre of experts, helpers, and advisers to aid you through this anxiety-producing process. What you will gain most of all from others is reassurance that every doctoral student before you has been through this process and not only survived it but flourished! You can do anything you set your mind to if you break it into steps.

Dissertations are Not As Long As You Think

Take any paper you have written. Choose “Select All” in Word or highlight the entire text. Now apply a two inch margin to the left page - it nearly takes your content up ten or more pages, right? Also, if your dissertation is in the psychological sciences, or history or business, then your dissertation is probably being written in APA format. What is great about APA format is that this documentation method embraces the header system. Headers relieve you of writing hard-to-think-of transitions between paragraphs and enable you to write, say, 20 mini chapters within one chapter and break up the material into doable parts.

Demonstrate Your Scholarly Research Abilities Above All

Also, dissertations are more a demonstration of your ability to do quality research than they are of your writing skill. Your dissertation directors are not expecting the writing of Freud, Dostoevsky, or Stephen Hawking. They are not expecting you to come up with an idea no one has had before – but perhaps your own insights into an idea combined with new research or new methodologies on an older topic. Modern technology is blossoming every day, perhaps, but consider this—make sure there is enough research, past and present, to bolster your project with lots and lots of quotes, tables, charts, as all of these bolster your assertions with proof positive you are right AND they take up SPACE—making sure you’re not out there walking a tightrope by yourself for hours. Also do not forget about planning issues and reliable dissertation writing service for better result.

Ordering Samples and Researching Dissertation Abstracts International

Let’s say you are a literature major and you are doing a study of Religious Imagery in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Now, the thing you should do first to give them time to arrive (and you’ll get to keep them the whole semester—or as long as you want if you renew them), is to ORDER or ILL any dissertations on religion in Shakespeare’s other plays—for general info on the importance of religion in his plays overall—and see if there are any other dissertations on your specific topic as well—You don’t have to abandon your project if there are—just put your own insights into it. And don’t plagiarize—but you can steal all their sources—and profit from their committee’s recommendations and their hard research work. Combine that with your own and you’ll have an arsenal of information to weave into your study.


Learn from expert academic writers

The best way to learn how to write is from others as well—and dissertations are not written nearly as complexly as students tend to visualize them before they actually read one. A dissertation is merely several long papers strung together with a huge works cited at the end. So, get samples in your major or even on your topic and look at what they did in their dissertation chapters. Look at how they wrote their introduction- and all the elements that go into a dissertation from the table of contents to the works cited. You’ll also notice something that will give you some reassurances as well – the two inch left margin!