Challenges facing the dissertation writing process

Many postgraduate students especially those interested in doing their Ph.D. will tell you that they all go through the same challenges when it comes to dissertation writing. These usually stem out from the initial processes of topic selection and crop up through the other later stages. It would be a good idea if you first learned about some of the most common pitfalls before you get your feet wet. To help you out, this article will purely cover some of the main challenges that you can expect to face in your dissertation writing process.

To begin with, if you are currently having a sour relationship with your supervisor, it is time you try to mend it because you would lose more.

Not to say that it’s your fault but many students often have unrealistic expectations of their supervisors. We often forget that they are human too and that they may not share the same passion that you could be having in your work. So don’t go pointing fingers accusing your supervisor of not finding time to pal around with you into wee hours just looking at your work.

Actually, proficient and capable students are more desirable because they actually do the work by themselves and move on. Supervisors have other responsibilities to take care of and since you already have the knowledge on how to go around your dissertation, get on with it. You don’t need too much hand-holding at this stage because you need to be fully independent by now.

We understand the power anxiety that lurks around the student-supervisor relationship. As a student, you should always bear in mind that your supervisor is someone that you could rely upon possibly for the rest of your career. Always remember this and don’t allow yourself to cause an imbalance in the relationship that you already have.

If anything, the relationship needs to remain sharp and professional. Many students always assume this and blow things out of proportion because they take things personally. To help you avoid this trap, always think of what you need from your supervisor rather than what you want. After identifying your needs, discuss them with your supervisor in advance. by any chance if you feel like these aren’t being met, then it's time you consider mediation.

Dissertation writing process isn’t as easy as one would think right off the bat. Considering the numerous challenges that accompany the process, it might take you several months just thinking about it. However, the trick is in remaining calm and avoiding panic.

Share with your colleagues some of the challenges and you will be surprised that you aren’t the only one being stuck in certain areas. In case you start panicking, it would be best if you alert your supervisor and let them know in advance.

Generally, the dissertation writing process has its fair share of challenges. While many students assume that the process is generally stressful, it usually isn’t, if you pay for custom dissertation writing online. Especially if you know what’s required of you. Knowing some of these challenges as well as having the formatting guidelines in advance will spare you a lot of headaches when working on your dissertation.