A Quick Guide to Liberal Arts Dissertation Literature Review Writing

While writing a dissertation, there are several elements of procedure one has to keep in mind. A literature review comprises the text of a dissertation, report and thesis including the relevant knowledge such as findings, as well as theoretical and methodical additions to the topic. For subject of liberal arts, the research is expected to be lengthier and more detailed coupled with opinions of prior researchers. The aim is show your teacher that you researched well enough to the topic, and the main subject in general. It should not be a mere repetition of known facts but should be more of a critical discussion and show critical insight and awareness of various theories and arguments. Read on to know more about the format of writing a literature review or hire book editing services.

  1. The structure should be relevant to the topic.
    You should begin with comparing and contrasting the various views of different writers and condense them into a well-organized paragraph. The structure should pertain to the topic areas, varying theories and controversies. Words and phrases should ideally be connected with certain linking words such as similarly, in addition, also, again. If you wish to show disagreement, clearly indicate the same by linkers such as however, on the other hand, conversely and nevertheless. A summary should be included at the end.
  2. It should have a clear line of argument.
    • Ideally, include a clear introduction which includes the main topics covered and the arguments to be explored.
    • There should be a link between your arguments and the evidence covered, and use quotations if needed. Include a short summary at the end.
  3. The style of writing is important.
    Write your literature in a formal, academic style and avoid using everyday jargon. The writing should be clear, sharp and short and there should be no colloquialisms and use of personal language. Use of words such as inconsistent, lacking in certain areas or based on false assumptions is a more courteous and respectful way to show your difference of opinion.
  4. Make a checklist.
    • Make sure you have indicated the purpose of your review and the recent developments of the topic.
    • Make sure you have used both primary and secondary sources for your project.
    • Create a bibliography of books and internet websites you have referred to.
    • Have a logical way to sort your material into different subtopics and issues.
    • Check if the detailed information given is relevant to the topic. Check for critical discussion on methodological issues.
    • Check the possible conflicts in your research and indicate references to your bibliography.

This is a quick guide to take note from for composing a literature review on liberal arts. For more information on dissertation writing, please visit the relevant websites.